Hunger is that first moment of a potentially exhilarating interaction. A connection that completely electrifies you and a shock that echoes through your entire being. Call it love or lust at first sight, but all manner of thought may float through one’s mind in that first instance.
Hunger, filmed under the title In the Hearts of Wild Men — a name inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness — is the culmination of a four year process for me creatively. Born in 2008 out of two separate photo shoot concepts and a story with some potential (but limited-to-no visual appeal) this video was a passion project, a working vacation if you will. A way to recharge the creative batteries. December 2011 I found the spare time to take first steps towards pre-production for this short-film.
The time was ripe, I knew I could organize a great team to put it together. I contacted Nicole Pidherny from Loyal Hair Therapy and showed her some videos and images that were inspiring me and she immediately got my vision. We’d worked together on Fashion Shows and short videos before so I knew I could trust her to take lead of hair, makeup and costume and run with it.
A month later we were ready to shoot. It was mid January and we were getting worried because there still wasn’t enough snow on the ground, but two days before our shoot day, it dumped a ton. Nikki had organized Sam Parr and Rene Verwijst to get involved, two of my favourite models to work with. Sam put up with so much. We put her in what was basically a skimpy dress with a few pieces of dangling fabric in below-zero weather. There were more than a few times her legs turned blue and purple from the temperature. They are both completely professional.
Much of the project required green screen or sky replacement, slow motion, motion control & stabilization, colour correction, making the reds stand out in the forest scene, etc. As time wore on, real life interfered and the project went on the back burner.
Fast forward to April 2012 and I had a nearly complete final cut of the film. Since filming started, I had been working with Mike Thomas on the score, someone I’d collaborated with since 2005. There was a bit of distance between us so we mostly communicated online. I had been playing him examples of songs and pacing I was looking for and was able to bring some demos on-site. Throughout post, a few re-shoots were added which extended video run-time so some audio was off or not long enough. Real-life got in the way again, another busy Summer and Fall.
December 2012, almost exactly one year from initial Pre-Production, Mike and I finally had the chance to meet up in person. We worked into the night and were finally able to lock down the score. I had the audio in my hot little hands about a week later was able to release the complete version of the film, which is what you see here now.
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